Miley Cyrus Is Grinding An Off-Brand Elmo, And We Can't Look Away, No Matter How Much We Want To (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus grinds up on an off-brand Elmo.

I guess that furry off-brand Elmo is playing the wrecking ball in this scenario?

No matter which way you look at it, Miley Cyrus is kinda living THE life right now. I mean, what would you do if you were 20 years old, mind-numbingly rich and famous, the subject of a highly anticipated MTV documentary, the face of twerking, and had a killer voice?

Maybe you'd throw an endless rager, maybe you'd start filling "Breaking Bad"-size barrels with cash (or just make some sandwiches), or maybe, just MAYBE, you'd throw on a crop top and some torn-up booty shorts and grind up on the nearest off-brand Elmo! (Aka what we do every morning on our way to the MTV offices in Times Square! J/K, we'd never do that -- those bootleg Elmos are way too mean.)

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Posting her intimate Sesame Street moment to Twitter, Miley's kiiiinda been on a "WTF?!" photo spree these days. Over the last week or so, she's posted some pics of her monkeying around à la Justin Bieber's unofficial petting zoo, and just last weekend she walked right into the iHeartRadio fest wearing the pastiest boob pasties we've seen since Lil' Kim set the pasty bar at the 1999 VMAs! And now she's lap dancing all up on a red furry not-muppet? Just.... WHY?

OK, look, there could be plenty of reasons as to why the "Wrecking Ball" singer would be straddling a My Size Elmo! Perfectly good explanations! For one thing, girl's newly single, which, as all y'all know, means that she's free to grind anybody or anything she wants (which, er, hold on, never really stopped her before). This could be her literal, furry interpretation of "Miley: The Movement"! That Elmo-thing could be Mike WiLL Made It in disguise! (#Kinky) Not that they're dating, or anything. I mean... what? *Glances around* *Runs away*

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Photo credit: @MileyCyrus