Cher Lloyd Realizes That She Doesn't Need 'A Butt And A Rack' To Win Over T.I. In Their 'I Wish' Video

Cher Lloyd and T.I. flirt their way through their "I Wish" video

Cher Lloyd and T.I. flirt their way through their "I Wish" video.

By now you're probably well aware that Cher Lloyd REALLY wants to supersize her rack. How do we know this? Well, for one thing, she sings about wanting exactly that in her brand-new record, "I Wish" featuring  T.I.

But, despite her hope for "style, flash, a butt and a rack," in the charming video for "I Wish," Cher eventually finds out that -- HEY! -- she can snag a man all on her own! EVEN with an A-CUP! A pop video with a hidden boob-themed/love-yourself-for-who-you-are parable? WE LIKE!

Watch Cher Lloyd's "I Wish" video featuring T.I. after the jump.

In their "I Wish" video, Cher plays a cocktail waitress at a bustling club (um, sorry, but in what world?) where T.I. just so happens to be partying. Naturally, Cher and T.I. lock eyes (#romcom alert!), and even though Cher's clearly interested, she can't get close to the "Rick James" collaborator because he's flanked by a pack of big booty hotties. #Ugh

But Cher's not giving up that easily! At first, Cher tries to up her game by stuffing her bra with toilet paper, but, after a few minutes, she soon realizes that no amount of TP will turn her A-cup into Sophia Vergara material. But then, as if Cher's magic genie knew exactly what she wanted, T.I. boldly walks away from his big racked babes and flirts with Cher for the rest of the night! #Success!

Moral of the story? SMALL-BOOBED GIRLS WIN!  J/K, it's all about confidence and the way you carry yourself! (Having bone structure as impeccable as Cher's might also help, but mainly it's the confidence thing.)

+ Watch Cher Lloyd's "I Wish" video featuring T.I.

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