Star Spotting: The Fastest Way To Ariana Grande's Heart? A Homemade Puppy Mask, Apparently! (PHOTO)

Ariana Grande is obsessed with this fan-made puppy mask!

Fan-made puppy masks are the way to Ariana's heart. Who knew?

Ever since Ariana Grande's OOC debut, Yours Truly, dropped (you know, the album that included breezy '90s throwback tracks like "Baby I" and "Right There"), we've been trying to think up ways to become BFFs with her and/ or sing back up on her next tour. (No seriously, we have a five-octave four-octave three-octave two-octave range that our moms find very impressive.)

We cycled through a ton of gift options (homemade gluten-free lasagna, the clear spiky Louboutins that everyone's obsessed with), but it wasn't until yesterday that we learned the fastest way to Ariana's heart: ARTS & CRAFTS! Kind of like this UNREAL fan-made puppy mask that "The Way" singer proudly Instagrammed last night.

In case you haven't been following, Ariana recently adopted an adorable puppy named Toulouse! Naturally, the "Piano" singer is ob-sessed with him (THAT PUNIM!), which inspired one clever Arianator to craft a li'l Toulouse mask for the young star. Judging by Ari's Instagram caption ("Someone brought me a cardboard cut out of Toulouse's head today. It's my favorite thing ever."), that fan is officially on Ariana Grande's good side!

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! The fastest way to Ariana's heart is to glue a photo of her adorable pup, Toulouse, on a popsicle stick. BOOM. (What up, first-grade art class??) Hmmm, imagine how high up we could rise on Ariana's good list if we managed to snag Toulouse a playdate with Miley Cyrus' husky, Floyd? Hook us up, Miley!!!

Photo credit: Ariana Grande's Instagram