Hayley Williams Is Your 'Fifth Element' Relationship Counselor In Zedd's 'Stay The Night' Video

Watch Zedd's new "Stay The Night" video featuring Hayley Williams.

Watch Zedd's new video for "Stay The Night," featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore.

With her bright orange bob and white buckled tank in Zedd's new video for "Stay The Night," Hayley Williams (aka Paramore's frontwoman) makes a pretty impressive stand-in for Milla Jovovich's character in "The Fifth Element."

Hayley Williams looks just like Leeloo in the new Zedd video.

You know, that 1997 sci-fi movie where Bruce Willis plays a futuristic cab driver, and he and Milla's Leeloo have to save the world from destruction? Anyway, much like we feel about '90s blockbuster, we are absolutely LIVING for Zedd and Hayley's Daniel "Cloud" Campos-directed clip! It's all about drawing and redrawing interpersonal romantic/ sexual boundaries, and it's all set to a fist-pumping EDM beat! This is basically us right now.

We LOVE Zedd and Hayley's new collabo video for "Stay The Night."

Watch Zedd's "Stay The Night" video featuring Hayley Williams after the jump.

As Zedd pounds away at his piano and Hayley serenades the viewer from an ethereal plane of light and wind (#prose), two human lovers tell a dizzingly choreographed narrative. Sometimes they stay silent, sometimes they fight, sometimes they run, sometimes they do somersaults -- all because the couple are afraid to say those three simple syllables...

Watch the "Stay The Night" video.

NO! "Stay the night!" Grarrrgh, just watch the video below! And be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes video, where you'll get to stare at Hayley's awesome orange hair some more, and learn all about director Cloud's famous "lightbulb trick."


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