Warning: There's Nothing 'Pretty' About The Weeknd's New Video (NSFW)

Watch The Weeknd's "Pretty" video.

The Weeknd seeks plays a scorned lover in his "Pretty" video.

The Weeknd is no stranger to brooding moments. The Canadian crooner is now a bona fide pro at slinking around in the dark and generally feeling all the #FEELINGS (see: his Drake-assisted "Live For" video, which is as #noir as it gets). Now, the elusive Abel Tesfaye has taken things to an entirely new level of DARKNESS in the video for "Pretty," the latest cut off his newly released album, Kiss Land.

Watch The Weeknd's "Pretty" video after the jump.

Allow us to be clear: When we said that Abel gets dark in his "Pretty" video, we quite literally meant that things get, like, pitch black. Think a Dexter Morgan-caliber crime of passion committed by a bro with pipes that sound like full-fat melted better.

At the top of his twisted tale of revenge, Abel is picked up at the airport by a private car and driver (might as well commit murder in style, no!?). The "driver" seems to know the location of The Weeknd's ill-fated ex-girlfriend, and, interspersed between eerily calm shots of Abel plotting his revenge in the back of a cushy black town car, we're treated to some NSFW shots of The Weeknd's doomed ex showering and eventually getting it on with her new man. (Not the best timing.)

Unfortunately, as The Weeknd pulls up to his ex's new pad, we soon learn that he's in fact not there to drop off a "good luck with your new relationship" cheese and fruit basket. Rather, the still bizarrely calm and stoic bro whips out a massive gun and proceeds to blow ish up, promptly ending the lives of his ex-flame and her new love.

Although "Pretty" is all #GUNS and #DEATH and #DESTRUCTION, it is a beautifully shot clip, flanked by swirling haze of of dark and grimy gray tones, mixed with lush, slow-mo shots. Maybe unnecessary death can be ameliorated by aesthetically pleasing visuals? Yeah, NOPE! We tried, but the cold hard facts here is that this ish is SCARY DARK, and there's absolutely nothing pretty about it.

+ Watch The Weeknd's "Pretty" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Republic