Give Another Round Of 'Applause' For Empire Of The Sun's Disco-Tinged Lady Gaga Remix

Listen to Empire of The Sun's "Applause" remix.

Empire Of The Sun put a disco sheen on Lady Gaga's "Applause" remix.

Lady Gaga's ubiquitous "Applause" is kind of begging to be remixed, no? It's definitely one of Mother Monster's more highbrow singles, so it feels only natural that the indie remix masses would swarm around it like ants at a picnic. For example: Just last week we heard Purity Ring's slowed-down electro-pop "Applause" remix, and now Australian electro-dance twins Empire of the Sun have put their own spin on Gagaloo's ARTPOP anthem.

Listen to Empire Of The Sun's "Applause" remix after the jump.

Opening with a few beats of soft synth (as opposed to the original's more aggressive approach), Empire Of The Sun stay true to Gaga's original melody but instead opt to soften the song's landscape.

While Gaga's original stands tall, takes no s***, and loudly announces its presence (I'VE GOT WIGS AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO TAKE THEM OFF!!), Empire Of The Sun's rendition changes the track's focus to be all about dance -- Gaga's sharp vocals have been glossed over with a lush lacquer of pulsating disco synths and evenly distributed percussion. The result sounds much less dramatic and theatrical, but still palatable enough to be welcome at any and all dance parties.

+ Listen to Empire Of The Sun's "Applause" remix.

Photo credit: Interscope