Please Enjoy This Photo Of Justin Bieber And Snoop Lion Trying To Out-Swag Each Other (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber and Snoop Lion are TOTALLY having a "swag-off."

Bieber and Snoop Lion are DEFINITELY having a swag-off.

Sure, the above pic of Justin Bieber and Snoop Lion hanging out might just be your run-of-the-mill "celebs Instagramming with celebs" photo. But take a closer look, kids, because Justin and Lion are FULL-ON swag twins! Allow us to elaborate...

First, it's like, can you even tell which one of these bros gives fewer effs about anything?? Neither can we. Might you detect whose gold chain is ballin' harder? It's probably equal. Or how about whose shades (similarly shaped, by the way) do a better job of blocking the sun's harmful rays? IT'S A TIE! Yeah, don't even try and tell us that The Biebs and Snoop aren't straight-up "partners in swag."

That said, we would've paid big bucks to be a fly on the wall during Snoop and JB's interaction. JB was probably like, "Do you think my "Miley Tongue" needs some work?" Then Snoop was probably like, "Justin, give me the 411 on your favorite milliner." Or maybe Mr. Lion and the "Lolly" rapper didn't even have to use conventional communication tools -- they just interacted via swag-osmosis! (Totally a real thing -- such a shame they skip over that in science class!)

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram