Taylor Swift Is Acting Nicer Than We Would About About Ed Sheeran's Terrifying Clown Makeup (PHOTO)

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift do Halloween early on the Red Tour!

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran get in costume for their final stop of their "Red" tour.

We know, WE KNOW. Taylor Swift and her "Red" tour buddy Ed Sheeran aren't dating/kissing/flirting/marrying/doing any of the things we wish they would do. FINE. If they won't post any make-out selfies or images of them writing love songs about each other in the studio, then the least they could do is take photos of them dressing up in Halloween-like/"Red"-themed costumes, right? RIGHT?

That in mind, we guess we owe Ed a huge "THANKS!" and also "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" for dressing up like a red-and-white clown while cozying up to Taylor (who looks somewhere on the spectrum between amused and vaguely horrified) on the final stop of their "Red" Tour.

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In honor of their final "Red" show, taking place last Saturday night at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena, Taylor's paddleboarding buddy swapped his usual jeans and T-shirt look in favor of something that can only be referred to a scary-ass clown/mime/The Joker en route to Diddy's "White Party." Either way, there's no denying that fans in Nashville got a special, SPECIAL treat. Now if only Taylor were into ginger dudes who enjoy dressing up in moderately terrifying Charlie Chaplin-goes-all-white costumes! We'd be so thrilled.

Taylor Swift and her "Red" tour crew!

The final look!

Photo credit: Taylor Swift's Instagram