Miley Cyrus' iHeartRadio Music Festival Pasties Have Raised The Bar For All Pasty-Kind (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus' iHeartRadio Music Festival outfit has truly raised the pastie bar.

To be fair, Miley's technically wearing a pretty modest dress. It's just completely see-through.

Last Saturday, Miley Cyrus whipped out a toned-down live version of "We Can't Stop" at the iHeartRadio Music Festival -- or, at least relatively toned-down when compared to her headline-grabbing VMA performance. To compensate, the young singer donned this muppet-y, mesh work of sartorial BRILLIANCE that has truly broken new ground in the world of pasties.

Believe it when we say that Miss Milez's ensemble is, like, one small step for nips, two giant modesty-protecting leaps for nipple-kind! Remember Iggy Azalea's mesh bathing suit with palm tree pasties in the "Work" video? SLAYED. My misguided attempt at Puerto Vallarta chic during Spring Break '09? FLAWLESS VICTORY. Even Lil' Kim's iconic half-boobie, mermaid pasty look for the 1999 VMAs has to #BowDown a little bit to the "Wrecking Ball" singer's bold double-breasted move above.

Seriously, if this look were the pasties equivalent of a notable politician, they would be Sarah Palin because #GAMECHANGE. Except we'd obvs vote the pasties into public office over Palin any day, LBR. See, we can have well-informed political opinions, too -- they'll just be mostly pasty-related.

Photo credit: WENN