Meet Flagship, North Carolina's Biggest New Britpop Troubadours + Watch Their 'Break The Sky' Lyric Video

Get to know the stormy, U2-influenced rock sound of Charlotte, North Carolina's Flagship.

When it comes to the tricky business of band-naming, Flagship pretty much nailed it. On songs such as "Are You Calling" and "Break the Sky," the Charlotte, N.C., group sounds immense and gray, ready for choppy seas (and packed venues). The band formed when solo artist Drake Margolnick and Campbell the Band joined forces, Voltron-ing into a powerhouse of gloomy guitars and anthemic melodies.

Watch Flagship's "Break The Sky" lyric video after the jump.

To record their debut album, the band lined up Ben Allen, whose work behind the boards includes sessions for Animal Collective, Matt and Kim, and Bombay Bicycle Club. BBC's sensibility's a good touchstone for the band, as is the driving reverb-rock of groups such as The Boxer Rebellion -- or, ahem, U2. Margolnick, born in England, retains a dreamy British accent, made bolder by reverb and his bandmates' capable backing vocals.

Plus, Flagship's got more going for them than just a big sound: They put a Bob Dylan reference in their "Are You Calling" lyric video, as a sharply suited-up, jogging protagonist peels away lyric papers "Don't Look Back"-style. Keeping stylish while staying in shape: That's our kind of band. Wonder what they wear to yoga?

Flagship waste less paper in their environmentally friendly "Break the Sky" lyric video, which finds the group scribbling the lines on a chalkboard and making adorable doodles.

Check out Flagship's recently released "Break The Sky" lyric video below, and look out for their self-titled debut album when it lands Oct. 8 on Bright Antenna Records.

+ Watch Flagship's "Break The Sky" lyric video.

Photo credit: Peter Prato