A Mother Sold Her Daughter's One Direction Tickets On eBay, To Which We Say 'NOOOOOO!' (GIFs)

One punitive mother has eBay'd her daughter's One Direction tickets!

An exercise in crushing a little girl's hopes and dreams.

WARNING: This post is labeled NSFF, or "Not Safe For #Feelings." Over in Australia, one mother has had enough of her misbehaving daughter's rule-breaking ways. As punishment, mama has taken to eBay to auction off the four One Direction tickets she had previously purchased for baby girl and her friends. So basically, cancel your dreams, cancel your life, THE WORLD IS ENDING. #BYE

This mom sells her daughter's One Direction tickets on eBay, to which we say NOOOOO!

Anybody got $25,000 casually lying around?

Check out our appropriately GIF-filled reaction to this unbelievably harsh punishment after the jump.

Not to exaggerate, but that's, like, worse than telling a bunch of first-graders that there's no Santa Claus before strapping them down to watch a looping tape of Bambi's mom dying while you collect their tears in a Mason jar only to then pour said tears on their sugar cube-scale model of the Great Pyramid of Giza that they're, like, 99 percent finished with thus melting the project and ruining their chances at the geography fair blue ribbon. Well, look at that! We didn't exaggerate.

To be fair, it does sound like the girl had been on a serious rule-breaking streak, and, hey, parents are supposed to be, well, parents, and not their daughter's best friend. But still, just envisioning 1D tickets slipping completely out of our fingers is just too horrifying a thought for our little Directioner brains to handle. We just, like, #FEELINGS.


Oh, and BTW...

We can't believe she did that. RUDE.

Photo credit: Getty Images/ GIFs: justforgrande.tumblr, hardbodyruggerr.tumblr