Lose Yourself In ’80s Synth On We Are The Brave’s ‘Sparrow’ And ‘All Good Things Must Come To An End’

We Are The Brave channel ’80s synth in “Sparrow” and “All Good Things Must Come To An End.”

No matter how many variations on the style we hear — and there have been a lot — we just can never get enough of the type of ’80s-mining pop on display on Noctua, the debut EP from Australia’s We Are the Brave. Actually, it might still be the ’80s in Australia. We’re still not entirely clear on how time zones work.

But We Are The Brave aren’t entirely stuck in a long-lost decade: Channeling similar-sounding acts like Florence and the Machine, Bat For Lashes, and MS MR, the duo’s songs “Sparrow” and “All Good Things Must Come To An End” expertly ride the line between the past and the expansive future horizons.

Listen to We Are The Brave’s “Sparrow” after the jump.

The duo, comprising Sydney singer-songwriter Jess Chalker and producer Ox Why, layer analog synths on top of post-punk guitar lines and deeply reverberating drums that veer between nocturnal dance floor decadence and Fleetwood Mac-style swooning on “Sparrow.” Chalker’s voice is beguiling, but it hides a pretty insidious story at the heart of the song. “She changed her name, took the money from the mattress/ got in the car and headed for the Midwest. /His blood-stained shirt soaked the carpet/ It all played out how she dreamt of it,” she sings over the track’s echoing synth-noir scene-setting.

“All Good Things Must Come To An End,” the band’s first official single, is a slowed-down jam with similarly disheartening lyrics woven into the thread of a joyously dour delivery. “All good things must come to an end/ They come/ They breath/ They go/ All good things must come to an end,” muses Chalker.

So far, We Are The Brave’s music has been bubbling up from under the surface on their home country’s radio, and, based on the synthy “Sparrow” and the contemplative “All Good Things,” we wouldn’t be surprised to find them gaining a foothold right here in the U.S. very, very soon.

+ Listen to We Are The Brave’s “Sparrow” and “All Good Things Must Come To An End.”

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