Miley Cyrus And Mike WiLL Made It's Terry Richardson Photo Shoot: The RETURN Of Miley's Tighty Whities!

Miley Cyrus and Mike wiLL Made It pose for Terry Richardson

Mike WiLL joins Miley's no pants party. (Except that he IS wearing pants, so NM.)

Just when we thought Miley Cyrus' fully clothed Harper's Bazaar cover signaled a hiatus from unleashing her tongue on the world and forgetting to wear pants, she went and one-upped the game with a scantily clad photo shoot! Er, ANOTHER scantily clad photo shoot!

Miley posed once again in her tighty whities under the guidance of "Wrecking Ball" video director and photog Terry Richardson, and this time she got her "We Can't Stop" producer and "23" collaborator Mike WiLL Made It to join in as her costar/human prop.

Check out more photos of Miley Cyrus and Mike WiLL Made it after the jump.

In the flirtatious spread, posted to "Terry's Diary," Miley rocks her signature look (white undies, white tank, tongue OUT) as she cozies up to her producer bestie. Natch, these photos have already sparked rumors that Mike and Miley are dating (we see that hand placement, Mike! Keep it above the belt!). But then again, Miley's well-manicured hands aren't too far away from Mike's tuchus either, so maybe he's just taking his cues from her? Nah, Miley's Bangerz Deluxe album art is basically just a well-lit topless selfie (no shade!), so "almost squeezing an ass" is probably just Miley's way of "hugging."

Photo credit: Terry's Diary