Star Spotting: Demi Lovato Still Looks Fabulous, Even When She Makes Thizz Derpy Face (PHOTO)

Demi Lovato's still flawless even in this nerdy selfie!

We say thumbs up to Demi's gorg face!

So, you're probably not surprised, but even when Demi Lovato is lounging in bed, rocking a red beanie, giving a vaguely nerdy thumbs-up, and making herself temporarily cross-eyed, the QUEEN of high pony dramatics still looks FLAWLESS. Like, we cannot find one issue -- not to mention #perfectbrows!!

We LOVE how our/ your/ the world's collective girl crush, is, like, the ULTIMATE ham! She totally brings the LOLs during her judging gig on "The X Factor," poses for adorable selfies/ slays the intricate harmony game with onscreen "Glee" ladylove Naya Rivera, and has straight-up blackout moments on Twitter where, next thing you know, she's stanning HARD for Lady Gaga. Lahhhhhhhv this girl!

Anyway, Demi captioned arguably the greatest selfie of her social media career: "#TBT 5 minutes ago......" See? A HAM! Who does a 5-minute-old #TBT?? Oh, that'd be Demetria Hammypants Lovato. Though we weren't present when this selfie was snapped, we imagine that moments before, Demi was probably belting "Made In The USA" into a Pantene bottle alone at home (even though she's got an expensive mic to sing into). That, or maybe she was slaying the entire 17-hour original cast recording of "Rent" at the top of her lungs? That's definitely a possibility too.

Photo credit: @ddlovato