Video Premiere: Jinx's 'Alive' Video Is Exactly That + Sparklers, Pool Parties, And Dancing Astronauts

Watch Jinx's "Alive" video.

Jinx is all about seizing the day in his colorful "Alive" video.

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if The Lumineers had a musical lovechild with a pop-oriented rapper? Maybe, say, 24-year-old Massachusetts wordsmith Jinx? Oh, you have? GREAT!

Second question: Have you ever wondered what it would look like if said rapper threw a rad house party complete with a giant pool, sparklers, multicolored powder explosions (more on that later), and humans dressed as dancing astronauts? Wait, YES? Well, you're in LUCK, because Jinx's "Alive" video features everything from "Ho Hey"-esque chants to a raging house party and Jinx spitting good-natured verses. Related: We're not at ALL kidding about the astronaut thing.

Watch Jinx's "Alive" video after the jump.

Before we dive into the visual masterpiece that is Jinx's "Alive" clip, we'll just say this: If you haven't heard of Jinx yet, GET ON YOUR GRIND!! At only 24, Jinx is what we here at Buzzworthy like to call "a bona fide badass." Not only has he shared the stage with hip-hop greats like Wiz Khalifa, Micky Avalon, and Nappy Roots, but he's even been commissioned to soundtrack the ENTIRE indie film "Funeral Kings."

As for "Alive," the Jon Jon Augustavo-directed video (Macklemore's "Same Love" and "Thrift Shop") features a yellow-suit-wearing Jinx plopping down on a park bench next to an unassuming older gentleman. As Jinx hands him a book entitled "Alive," suddenly the dapper rapper is transported to an empty pool where he starts spitting his carpe diem-themed verse: "Just boys and girls/ Tryna' change the whole wide world/ We'll keep breaking rules/ Me and my friends/ These crazy fools."

Once he's done with the empty pool, Jinx proceeds to hit up the best house party you definitely weren't invited to in high school. There's there's colored powder being sprayed everywhere (think: Ke$ha's "Take It Off" video), sparklers, and, perhaps most crucially, a dancing astronaut who's just grooving the night away with Jinx and his crew.

Moral of the story? "Alive" is clearly a record about being carefree, spontaneous, and bold. So if you're looking for some extra chutzpah before a night out on town, we'd suggest watching "Alive"'s video at least six or seven times. (Also, anyone who can unapologetically rock an all-yellow suit without fear of being compared to anything "Curious George"-related instantly earns all the #props.)

+ Watch Jinx's "Alive" video.

Photo credit: Shane Savage