If White Sea Doesn’t Blow You Away With ‘They Don’t Know’ Then It’s Probably Because You Actually Just Don’t Know

White Sea doesn’t shy away from all-epic-everything in “They Don’t Know.”

L.A. singer/songwriter Morgan Kibby, aka White Sea, clearly has a gift for writing soaring, harmony-laden, multilayered anthems (see: “Overdrawn,” “Mountaineer”). And it’s not just because she’s worked closely with bands like M83 and indie-classical act The Romanovs. (For M83, Morgan played keys and wrote arrangements on Saturdays = Youth, and cowrote electro ballads like “Kim & Jessie” and “Midnight City.” Yes, THAT “Midnight City.”) Morgan’s indie-pop solo project, White Sea, is further proof that anything this woman touches instantly turns to electro-pop bliss.

Now Morgan’s releasing her first new solo material since 2011’s This Frontier EP: an epic, captivating single called “They Don’t Know.”

Listen to White Sea’s “They Don’t Know” after the jump.

The first single from Morgan’s forthcoming full-length, In Cold Blood, “They Don’t Know” features sweeping, orchestral arrangements (that we’d definitely expect to hear from someone who worked with M83), plus some bellowing Kate Bush-meets-Florence Welch-meets-Linda Perry-in-4 Non Blondes vocals. (Like, circa “What’s Up?” Don’t tell me you don’t hear that. Ah, gotcha! Now it’s all you’ll hear too!)

Opening with a multitracked chorus of “ooooh-oooh-ooohs” accented with a smattering of electronic effects, “They Don’t Know” leads right into Morgan’s booming vocals (“They don’t know what we know/ They can’t see what we see”) before peaking into an energy-filled rush of echoing bells, lush harmonies, and crashing electronic drums.

In conclusion: If you don’t start seeing visions of Simba being held over Pride Rock or the final concert scene in “Mr. Holland’s Opus,” then you might need to get your hearing/vision/imagination checked.

Look out for In Cold Blood, dropping in 2014 via Mom + Pop.

+ Listen to White Sea’s “They Don’t Know.”

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