Jared Leto Turned Rihanna's 'Stay' Into A Brooding Rock Ballad, And Now We're Having Special Tingling Feelings (VIDEO)

Jared Leto covering Rihanna's "Stay."

We wouldn't have expected Jared Leto to cover "Stay," but WE'LL TAKE IT.

OK, it's not like we haven't cried in the shower over heard Rihanna's "Stay" approximately two billion times before. And it's not like we haven't heard one or two or five people cover it either, like infamous YouTube sensation Rebecca Black (who actually kinda nailed it!), Adam Lambert, and even "Riddick" himself, Vin-freakin'-Diesel.

And honestly? We thought Vin's rendition would be the final nail in the "Stay" coffin! But nope, there's more: Jared Leto and his Thirty Seconds To Mars bandmates have turned the R&B sad bath ballad into a growling, brooding rock 'n' roll anthem. Aaaaaand now we're feeling all tingly inside. Excuse me, can you make my sad bath a cold one? Thanks.

Watch Thirty Seconds To Mars cover Rihanna's "Stay" after the jump.

Performing for BBC's Radio 1 Live Lounge, the "Dallas Buyers Club" star led Thirty Seconds To Mars through a deeply soulful rendition of Rihanna's Diamonds track. And can we just...? Say...? WOW. I mean, hey, we always knew that Jared in a leather jacket and sexy white T-shirt could sing the crap out of anything (he's an ar-TEEST!), but watching him sing such an earnest, come-nuzzle-my-beard rendition of "Stay" has officially made us feel all the #inappropriate feelings. Like, no more muscle control. Gonna need some aqua therapy, stat. Maybe in the bath. Maybe Jared could join us in the bath. No one has to take their clothes off -- unless they want to, of course...



+ Watch Thirty Seconds To Mars cover Rihanna's "Stay."

Photo credit: BBC/ GIF: MTV