Rihanna's 'Half Of Me': 6 Life Lessons We Learned From The Documentary (GIFs)

Rihanna, giving life advice in her "Half Of Me" documentary.

The prophet Rihanna.

We already knew that Rihanna was part pop star, part prophet. (Her INSTAGRAM! HULAOOOW!) But thanks to this new Budweiser-produced mini-documentary, "Half Of Me," we've now elevated the "Diamonds" singer to full-on sage status! #RihYoda

Told from both Rihanna and her #RihannaNavy's perspectives, the Phil Griffin-directed clip centers on the symbiotic relationship between them. Amidst this tale of co-empowerment, the "Stay" singer also drops some seriously inspiring soundbites on how to live your best life and shine bright like a diamond. So without further adieu, here are the six most crucial pieces of life advice that Rihanna gave to us -- nay, TO THE WORLD -- in "Half Of Me." Seriously, LISTEN UP, PEOPLE.

1.) ON KNOWING WHERE YOU CAME FROM: "Everything that I have acquired, everything that I have accomplished, I really owe it to my fans. It's really them that made that happen." Awww, Ri, you're too sweet. C'mon, you did some of the work!

Rihanna loves her Navy.

2.) ON MAKING IT WORK: "Whatever you want, whatever you really love, whatever makes you happy, that's it! Like, it just has to work for you." Soooo... why aren't you hanging out with us right now?? We're manifesting as hard as we can!!!!

Rihanna is so SAGE.

3.) ON NOT "WORKING" A DAY IN YOUR LIFE: "Whatever it is that you're truly passionate about, you would automatically put 100 percent into that, and it would NEVER feel like work!" If we tried to pull of this flawless wink, our faces would likely crack and fall apart à la Meryl Streep in "Death Becomes Her." So, point taken.

Rihanna's winking at YOU.

Watch Rihanna's "Half Of Me" documentary after the jump.

4.) ON FINDING A GOOD PARTNER IN LIFE: "My fans, they mean everything to me." WHO PUT ALL THESE TEARS ON MY KEYBOARD?!?!

Rihanna loves her fans, and her fans love Rihanna!

5.) ON STAYING ALERT: "You can create with anything you see." We're not really sure what we'll be able to create using only the medium of "gray cubicle," but... noted!

Rihanna sees ALL.

6.) ON THE IMPORTANCE OF CULTURAL DIVERSITY:  "I draw inspiration from everywhere. Different cultures, textures, different visuals, looking at different buildings, different cities, graffiti on the wall. No matter what it is, there's inspiration in everything." Rihanna is CLEARLY the only princess that this world needs.

Rihanna is a princess of the world!

And there you have it, folks! The gospel, if you want to lead a life of zero-eff-giving and general slay-age. Also, how are you NOT gonna trust the lady whose pores look THIS MINIMIZED sans makeup? We're just saying.

+ Watch Rihanna's "Half Of Me" documentary.

Photo credit: Budweiser, Rihanna's Instagram/ GIFs: T. Kyle MacMahon of RealityTVGifs.com + MTV, sedatorlak.tumblr, budweisermusic.tumblr, highmountainssummer.tumblr, the-end-will-never-come.tumblr

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