Avril Lavigne's Metal Spiky Bra, Stained Orange Tongue + Bear-Shark Attack: An Enthusiastic Meditation (PHOTOS)

Let's meditate on all the awesomeness Avril Lavigne displayed on Jimmy Kimmel.

There's just SO MANY THINGS to love about these Avril photos.

Last night, Avril Lavigne rocked -- er, "Rock N Roll"-ed "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and while the performance won't air until Sept. 26, we're getting a pretty mind-blowingly epic preview of what to expect thanks to some photos taken at the concert. Let's see, we've got army fatigues, spiky metal bras, cray-cray Miley Cyrus-level tongue moves, and bear-sharks -- oh my!

God, don't we sound like Stefon from "SNL"? Like, "New York's hottest club is "BWOOOOOH," a joint venture between aspiring celebrity impersonator "Lil' Kim Jong Ill Na Na-ncy Reagan" and the ghost of a girl from the '50s who died on the way to prom AT THIS VERY GROUND UPON WHICH YOU'RE STANDING. This club has everything: spiky bras, bear-sharks, Chester the Cheaters -- that's when you go behind your husband Chad Kroeger's back and make out with someone coated head-to-toe in a solid millimeter of Cheetos dust." Yeah? Yeah.

Check out more photos from Avril's Jimmy Kimmel appearance, and watch her "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance of "Here's To Never Growing Up" after the jump.

...ANYWAY, we love EVERYTHING about this discordant collection of Avril photos. The glittery gold side of Avril's head, her Carrie Bradshaw-meets-"Carrie" dripping-blood vanity necklace, her intense red eye makeup, the fact that it looks like she's about to autograph her own boob (#GameChange), and -- DUH -- the spiky metal lingerie dangereux! SO MUCH TO COVET!!!!

In addition to being haute, we think the bra's pretty practical! If Beyoncé had been wearing this under her catsuit in São Paolo, Brazil, we doubt some overzealous audience member would've tried to pull her off of the stage!


Whatever it is, we like it!

We even love the "Here's To Never Growing Up" singer's mysteriously orange tongue! Was Avril downing some creamsicle shots before taking the stage? Did she lick all the orange M&M's in her dressing room so that no one would eat 'em while she was on stage? Either way, we LAHV her fabulously punk take on Miley's signature tongue move! (Looks like Justin Bieber's not the only one hoppin' aboard the ole Miley mouth muscle train.)

Let's meditate on all the awesomeness Avril Lavigne displayed on Jimmy Kimmel.


All this rambling, and we haven't even gotten to our fave part of Avril's performance: THE BEAR-SHARK, BECAUSE OMFG, THE BEAR SHARK! Back with a vengeance after its humiliating defeat in the "Rock N Roll" video, Mr. Bear-Shark storms the stage for a round-two fight with the mutha-effing princess. Who will win? Guess we'll just have to wait and see when the episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" airs on Sept. 26. #Pout

Oh, and FYI, Avril's self-titled fifth studio LP (one of our most anticipated fall albums) drops on Nov. 5 and will feature a duet with her hubby Chad. BWAHHHH, Can't wait!

+ Watch Avril Lavigne's "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance of "Here's To Never Growing Up."

Photo credit: WENN