Listen To A 30-Second Preview Of Katy Perry's Passion-Fueled 'Prism' Track 'Walking On Air'

Preview Katy Perry's "Walking On Air."

Katy Perry unleashes a short snippet of "Prism"'s "Walking On Air."

It might be an understatement to say that Katy Perry's on a ridiculous career roll. Not only is she about to release Prism, but she practically stole the VMAs during her closing "Roar" performance, her just-released "Dark Horse" track is at the very top of our "Imaginary Ex Revenge" playlist, and now she's teasing "Walking On Air," a Prism promo track (but not an official single, mind you) expected to drop on Sept. 30. Needless to say, we're following suit. *Floats Away*

Preview Katy Perry's "Walking On Air" after the jump.

Though we only get to hear 30 seconds of the Klas Åhlund-produced track, it only takes a few nanoseconds to realize that we've entered major dance territory. As pulsating synths echo in the background, Katy wails out lyrics about losing yourself to love (or, just as likely, lust): "Just when I think I can't take any more/ We go deeper and harder than ever before."

If "Roar" was an empowering call to action and "Dark Horse" warned future lovers against leaving her side, so far Katy's "Walking On Air" sounds like a stark contrast; it's a "Teenage Dream"-esque pop ballad promoting love, lust, dance, and losing yourself to passion. And, duh, we're MORE than happy to oblige. *Dances Away*

Look out for Prism when it finally drops Oct. 18!

+ Preview Katy Perry's "Walking On Air."

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