MTV Artist To Watch: HAIM

Meet MTV Artist To Watch: HAIM

Get ready to fall in love with alt-pop/R&B sister act HAIM.

If you're not yet familiar with Los Angeles alt-pop /R&B outfit HAIM, it's time to change that immediately. No, really, go to your room. OK, come out of your room and let's talk about HAIM, aka three enormously talented sisters, Este, Alana, and Danielle Haim, singers of such (soon-to-be) hits as "Don't Save Me," "The Wire," "Forever," and "Falling," all of which are set to appear on the girls' forthcoming debut album, Days Are Gone.

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But let's back up for a sec and talk about HAIM's background, which, we gotta say, makes it seem like the girls arrived playing instruments right out of the womb. Originally from California, Este, Alana, and Danielle got their start playing cover songs at charity festivals with their parents in an adorably named band called -- wait for it -- Rockinhaim. (Yet another reason to wish we had musician parents. Love you, mom and dad! Even if you insist on being lawyers!)

Once the girls got got a little older, Danielle, who's known for her eye-poppingly good guitar solos and husky, staccato-laden vocals, ended up playing guitar on tour with The Strokes' famed frontman Julian Casablancas, Cee Lo Green, AND Jenny Lewis. As a full band, however, HAIM's opened up for huge-name artists like Rihanna, Mumford and Sons, Ke$ha, and Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros, and they even recently rocked our collective pants off at the 2013 mtvU Woodies Festival (where they told us a few magical things about themselves, like how they share a love of Prince and MTV's "Spider Games").

As for their sound, HAIM are especially unique in the way that they somehow manage to mash up '70s classic rock-meets-'90s R&B vibe (think: Fleetwood Mac meets Destiny's Child), topped off with some of the wildest guitar solos you've never heard (at least not recently). Even HAIM's bassist, Este, is growing (in?)famous for her "bass face," a John Mayer-like series of contorted facial expressions that can only arise from no-holds-barred throwing herself into the onstage moment.

These days, when they're not sending audiences into a state of shock with their mesmerizing live shows and making grown men cry in their video for "The Wire," HAIM is prepping to (finally!!) release their debut studio album, Days Are Gone, dropping Sept. 30 via Polydor/Columbia Records. Plus you'll have plenty of opportunities to see the girls live as they hit the road in the U.S., Europe with Phoenix (!!), then the U.K. and Ireland. And, not to sound too Glamour magazine-y, but believe me, a live HAIM show is a music MUST.

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Photo credit: Tom Beard