Star Spotting: Our Favorite Beyonce Is Either Beyonce In A Leopard-Print Onesie Or Beyonce Hiding Topless Behind A Brazilian Flag Rug (PHOTOS)

Beyonce in a leopard-print onesie MAY be our favorite Beyonce

This photo of Bey is the cat's pajamas! OMG that is the stupidest thing we've ever said -- we couldn't help it!

Before today, we thought that we'd found our favorite Beyoncé. Remember that photo of Beyoncé looking FLAWLESS on a roller coaster? Yeah, that was our favorite Beyoncé. Or, wait, was it Batman Beyoncé? Whatever, it doesn't matter now, because we've narrowed down our favorite Beyoncé to two finalist Beyoncés: Beyoncé in a leopard-print onesie and Beyoncé hiding topless behind a Brazilian flag rug.

(Yes, we realize that half of this paragraph is the word "Beyoncé," and no, we're not paid a small amount every time that we say Beyoncé. We swear! Which reminds us: Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyoncé!)

Check out the photo of a topless Beyoncé posing behind a Brazilian flag rug after the jump.

Posted on Tumblr earlier today, these pictures from Bey's trip to Brazil to headline the Rock In Rio festival are clearly winners. The first shows the "Standing On The Sun" singer snuggling up to a super comfortable-looking bed while wearing a set of cat-eared one-piece sleepwear that we're sure is on Miley Cyrus' "Must-Have Onesie Wish List." Unfortunately, Beyoncé's PJs aren't footie pajamas, so we will have to take points off -- but still! PERFECT.

Beyonce hiding topless behind a Brazilian flag rug MAY be our favorite Beyonce.

Oh my! Jay Z, put that camera down!!!!

However, this photo of America's most elusive "Grown Woman" posing behind a Brazilian flag rug is equally perfect! The "Oh, fresh!" look? It's so vintage pin-up, straight out of Bey's "Why Don't You Love Me" video. And the fact that she's apparently topless, but -- in fittingly dramatic "Titanic"-style -- wearing a necklace and only a necklace? WE DIE.

We can't decide! Can you make the tough decision for us? Tweet @MTVBuzzworthy, or let us know which Beyoncé is your favorite Beyoncé in the comments below!


Photo credit: Beyoncé's Tumblr