Album Premiere: Stream Jason Derulo's 'Tattoos' EP Before It Drops On Sept. 24!

Stream Jason Derulo's entire 'Tattoo' LP

Stream Jason Derulo's 'Tattoos' EP in its entirety! 

Just gonna come out and say it: We are HOOKING Y'ALL up right now! Jason Derulo's hotly anticipated Tattoos EP doesn't officially drop until Sept. 24, but because we love you, we've got the entire five-song album ready for you to stream RIGHT THIS SECOND! #Welcome. #WePreferPinkRoses. #Don'tForgetWeAreGlutenFree.

Listen to Jason Derulo's Tattoos EP after the jump.

Now let's talk about Tattoos, which we're happy to report is on a WHOLE other level of pop perfection. And I'll bet you know a lot more about it than you realize. For one thing, you've probably already heard "The Other Side," Jason's sparking ode to "going all the way" with a "friend" (A FRIEND WE'D LIKE TO CALL JORDIN SPARKS), the 2 Chainz-assisted "Talk Dirty," which shows off Jason's raunchier side, and, perhaps most crucially, the moving "Marry Me," which we're still not convinced isn't an IRL proposal to his lady love.

Now let's talk about some tracks you haven't heard. First up is the EP's namesake, "Tattoo," which is flanked by a surging, booming chorus and sees Jason singing about a relationship that's becoming too close. But DON'T PANIC! Remember, the bro has some creative license, so "Tattoo" probably isn't about Jord: "I'm running out of room/ For your tattoos/ How can I get over you/ When you're all over me." Maybe it's about an ex-flame?

Tattoos also features a duet with Jordin Sparks, "Vertigo," which thematically feels like Jason's most overwhelming moment on the EP. While "The Other Side" is a tale of a budding romance, and "Talk Dirty" could be construed as his relationship's honeymoon phase, "Vertigo" could be Jason's way of saying that he's so entranced by Jordin, his vision is literally spinning. And it sounds like Jordin's pretty overwhelmed by their passionate love too. She croons: "The way that you please me sets this room on fire." Enjoy that, guys!

And speaking of spinning, if you for a second think that we're gonna stop playing Tattoos on repeat anytime soon, you've got another thing coming. But the most important question still remains: WILL Jason propose to Jordin on Sept. 24, aka his EP release date? Or is that us projecting our own fantasy proposal? Only time will tell! But seriously, HOW AMAZING would it be if that was a thing that actually happened?? (It probably wouldn't hurt album sales either -- just saying!)

 + Listen to Jason Derulo's Tattoos EP, and buy "Marry Me," because your music collection will be sad if you don't.

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