Iggy Azalea Doing Her Lashes, Dripping In Diamonds Is Today's Moment Of Zen (PHOTOS)

Iggy Azalea remains as flawless as ever.

Iggy Azalea remains as flawless as ever.

The world may be a disheartening, stressful, and disgusting place -- one that permits traffic jams and butt chugging to coexist with kittens and rainbows as if that's totally OK. But step inside the bubble of Iggy Azalea, seen here in this photo doing her mascara while elegantly dripping in diamonds, and you'll find that it allllllllll just melts away.

Posting the image to her Instagram account, Iggy captioned: "Lash Vegas in Las Vegas w. @BarryMCosmetics for CYL." She also added an emoji at the end (you know, those little Japanese iPhone emoticons that Katy Perry featured in her "Roar" lyric video), but chyeah, as if this standard-ass keyboard has a blushing winky smiley face key.

Apparently, the Aussie rapper took this photo back when she was filming the out-of-control glitzfest that was her "Showgirls"-inspired "Change Your Life" video featuring T.I. Aptly titled, since staring at this image for a solid, focused 5 minutes will literally change your life, too. Just sit back, relax, make sure the stove's not on, and let your mind wander in the gem-encrusted wonder you see before you. Then chant, all together now: Versaaaaaayce... Versaaaaaayce... Versaaaaaayce...

Photo credit: Iggy Azalea's Instagram