If You're Not Listening to Travie McCoy And Jason Mraz's 'Rough Water,' Then You're Probably Going About Your Life All Wrong

Listen to Travie McCoy's inspirational "Rough Water" featuring Jason Mraz

Travie McCoy calls on Jason Mraz for an assist on his new single, "Rough Water."

We'll try to be as straightforward as possible when we say this: DON'T SLEEP on Travie McCoy's single "Rough Water," featuring Jason Mraz. We say this for two reasons: 1) Are you really not gonna listen to Travie's first solo single since 2010? And 2) "Rough Water" is a slice of polished pop heaven featuring the perfect balance of Travie's laid-back rhymes, Jason's silky pipes, and some crazy inspirational lyrics. So really, what's not to like?

Listen to Travie McCoy's "Rough Water" featuring Jason Mraz after the jump.

First, a message to all Jason Mraz Stans: We're all about Jason's infectious "Rough Water" hook, but your boy doesn't quite sound like himself. Gone are the days of Jason's organic, unadorned acoustic melodies (see: "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)")! Instead, Jason's vocals feature heavy pop production from super-producer Benny Blanco and serve as the perfect accompaniment to Travie's clever rhymes: "We been through rough water/ And at times it was tougher/ But the fact that I came back to remind you I love you/ And if that's not enough/ Well I can one-up you/ I pinky promise/ Touch thumbs, I'll never make you suffer."

Next up is Jason's sunshiny hook: "Never let go of me/ Hold tight, it's gonna get hard to breathe/ And I would never let you drown/ Even if we're going down." (Too bad he's not singing that directly to us, no??)

While fans will likely have to wait until 2014 for a new full-length Travie album, we have a feeling "Rough Water" will tide them over (LOL WATER PUNS) just fine. I mean, not that we don't encourage some new Travie songs before his new disc drops, but I think we can all agree that one amazing song since 2010 is WAY BETTER than zero amazing songs. #MATH.

+ Listen to Travie McCoy's "Rough Water" featuring Jason Mraz.

Photo credit: Atlantic Records