Watch Naya Rivera's Boob-Flashing 'Sorry' Lyric Video + See Her Half-Naked Photo Shoot With Big Sean (NSFW)

Naya Rivera poses for Terry Richardson

News flash: Naya Rivera is inexplicably attractive. And apparently has zero need of a bra.

It's a big day for naked lady fans (no, not Barenaked Ladies fans): Not only is "Glee"'s Naya Rivera posing half-naked (we're talking FULL-fledged underboob) with Big Sean in a just-released photo collection shot by Terry Richardson, but she's also just released a mega-naked lyric video for her Big Sean-assisted single, "Sorry"! Which just so happens to feature a variety of ultra-perky racks! Everybody's a winner!

Watch Naya Rivera's "Sorry" lyric video, and check out more photos from her Terry Richardson-shot collection after the jump. 

Now, while Naya's "Sorry" lyric video doesn't feature our ultimate fantasy scenes of angry women tweeting dirty secrets about their exes (#FUN), it does feature the lyrics to her track plastered on the shadowy bods of naked chicks. Which, obviously, we're totally on board with. #WhyNot?

And in even more naked news (don't you like where this is going?), Naya and Big Sean recently stopped by famed photog/"Wrecking Ball" director Terry Richardson's studio to snap some steamy pics. (And by "pics," we literally mean a collection of images that will both ignite your latest juice cleanse and make you feel VERY sad not to be dating a famous hot rapper with abs of steel.)

In between serving some incredible #underboob (courtesy of Naya) and blinding us with milli-pack abs that might actually rival Nick Jonas' (props, Big Sean!), the couple spend most of their time posing together, holding hands, gazing into each other's eyes, and just generally looking PRETTY DAMN HAPPY to be dating each other. I mean, wouldn't you be?

OK, not to be crude or whatevs, but if these two didn't hole up in a swank hotel room for a good 48 hours immediately following their dripping-in-hot-sex photo spree, we'd be EXCEPTIONALLY surprised. Also: #Sorry #NotSorry for thinking about Big Sean and Naya's sex life.

Naya Rivera and Big Sean pose for Terry Richardson

+ Watch Naya Rivera's "Sorry" lyric video (NSFW), and see every picture from Terry Richardson's photo shoot.

Photo credit: Terry's Diary