Star Spotting: Selena Gomez Held Hands With Her Italian Selenators, Blessing Them With The Power Of Slayena! (PHOTOS)

Selena Gomez holds hand with Italian Selenators.

Frankly, Selena holding hands with her Italian fans makes us VERY jealous.

We're noticing a trend here -- are you? On each stop of the "Stars Dance" TourSelena Gomez has been taking THE BEST photos with her most devoted Selenators, who are presumably dehydrated after camping outside some grungy backstage door for hours, waiting to get a glimpse/ whiff/ blurry Instagram of their queen. (See: Lisbon, Portugal, and Antwerp, Belgium!)

Thankfully though, judging by the above photo taken in Milan, it's clear that the "Slow Down" singer's not exactly the type of pop star to ignore throngs of sleep-deprived fans. See, she took a second out of her busy and no doubt flawless schedule to pose for an adorable "group selfie"! (P.S. TAG YOURSELVES!!)

Check out more photos of Selena and her Italian Selenators after the jump.

Posted on her Instagram, Sel captioned: "Milan!! *sigh* my photos came out a little blurry. BUT you were bad!! So amazing!!" So, basically what we're saying here is that if you're loud, fierce, and totally crazed at a Selena Gomez concert, she might literally LET YOU TOUCH her shoulder and hold her hand afterwards!! Just a quick #protip for future Stars Dance Tour attendees.

Selena Gomez gets mobbed by fans in Milan!

So much Selena touching! 

Last thing: Not to be creepy (although this is admittedly very, very creepy), but if anyone can provide a brief description of what Selena's flawless skin looks like in person, we would VERY MUCH appreciate it. Thaaaaanks! #NOPORES

Photo credit: Selena Gomez's Instagram