‘Miley: The Movement’: 13 Things We Can’t Wait To See Based On The Trailer (GIFS) (VIDEO)

Get ready, because “Miley: The Movement” is coming!

In 2013, Miley Cyrus went from the tail end of a more than 2-year hiatus to breaking No. 1 records left and right — a fact she bragged about on Instagram just last night. From “We Can’t Stop” to “Wrecking Ball,” it has literally been the Year of the Miley. And now, thanks to MTV’s upcoming “Miley: The Movement” documentary premiering Oct. 2, you’re invited to watch the iconoclastic young singer’s transformation like never before.

A few days back, we watched a teaser for the doc, but today we’ve got our hands on the film’s trailer! AHHHH! (If our #feelings were measured on a Rachel Zoe-branded Richter scale, they would fall somewhere between “Literally Died” and “Actually Died.”) Here’s everything in “Miley: The Movement” that we can’t wait to see — and watching Miley record Bangerz, one of our most anticipated fall albums, is only the tip o’ the twerkburg!

1.) MILEY’S ONE-ON-ONE WITH BRITNEY SPEARS! Remember? They are good friends, after all. Hopefully, Miley and the “Work Bitch” singer will talk VMA scandalousness and preview their Bangerz duet, “SMS (Bangerz).”

2.) MORE BANGERZ TRACKS! There are only three weeks left until the Oct. 8 release date, so we’re hope-hope-hoping that we’ll get some kinda sneak peek at Miley’s new album. It looks promising, seeing as here she is in the recording studio with her “23” collaborator, Mike WiLL Made It

And is it just us, or do these candles spell “4×4” — as in Miley’s collab with Nelly?! WE THINK SO!!!!

We even hear a snippet of a recording where Miley belts out “Cryin’, cryiiiiiiiin’.” Which song off of her confirmed Bangerz track list do you think that’s from? “Adore You”? “My Darlin'”? “Maybe You’re Right”? “Someone Else”? Whatever it is, it sounds AH-MAY-ZING!

Watch the “Miley: The Movement” trailer after the jump.

3.) CONSPIRACY THEORIES! Look at Miley’s piercing blue eyes below. Are they, or are they not, a dead ringer for her baby husky, Floyd’s?!?!

We predict that Miley will come out as a werepup, werewolf, were-Floyd — whatever she is, we’re calling it now! WAKE UP, SHEEPLE.

4.) HER SMILERS! Remember how Miley’s fans kept her nearly neck-and-neck with One Direction all through the VMAsBest Song Of The Summer voting period? THESE KIDS GO HARD.

5.) MILEY’S TONGUE! Get ready to see America’s most polarizing mouth muscle go 360 degrees of cray in HD.

Is it saying hello? Is it staring this Smiler down? SO MANY LEVELS TO MILEY’S TONGUE.

6.) MILEY’S FAM! Here’s baby sister, Noah! Also? LOVE this slaps-aplenty, Christopher Guest-like exchange: “I’m on, Noah. I’m on. It’s early in the morning, but we’re on.”

And Mama Trish! Billy Ray’s nowhere to be found in the trailer, but hopefully we’ll get to see their super supportive relationship in action. Wait a minute — OMFG LOOK AT THOSE NAILS! Which brings us to our next point…

7.) THE NAIL ART! If this glittery, gold manicure is any indication, we are in for some serious #ManicureMonday inspiration.

8.) THE UNICORN SLIPPERS! Our spirit animal returns!!!!

9.) THAT RATTAIL! You know, we feel like we totally missed our chance to talk about Miley’s, er, “follicular accoutrement” from last July. Thank you, “Miley: The Movement,” for giving us another chance.

10) MILEY’S WORDS OF WISDOM! In the trailer, Ms. Milez shares gems like “I was, like, born to become who I am right now.” Miley, your ideas are intriguing to us, and we wish to subscribe to your newsletter. #Sold

11.) MILEY’S PRE-VMA NERVES! Because, in the words of Fantasia, “even angels learn to fly.” #AndSoItIs

12.) MILEY’S VMA PERFORMANCE! Ummm, in case you couldn’t tell, we could watch the “We Can’t Stop”/ “Blurred Lines”/ “Give It 2 U” medley over, and over, and over, and over. If you couldn’t tell that, #ImOffended.

13.) AND ALL THE TWERKING!!!! As if you even need to watch the trailer to see this one coming.

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Photo credit: MTV/ GIFs: MTV, T. Kyle MacMahon of RealityTVGifs.com + MTV, Charles Goetz of MTV, Wiffle Gif