Star Spotting: Austin Mahone Declares Himself The 'Wild 'N Out' Champion (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone's the new champion!

Austin's the champ! We already knew that... but still!

Another day, another precious moment in the life of Austin Mahone, courtesy of his brilliant Instagram account. Oh, we pity the dead/ comatose/ people without smartphones, for they'll never be able to marvel at Austin Mahone's inimitable perfection even when he's just woken up, joy at finally getting his driver's license, or pure adorbz-ness while posing in front of his own private jet! Here's another one for the books: Austin Mahone holding the "Wild 'N Out" belt high above his head!

While in NYC to film a guest spot on "Nikki & Sara" (which airs tonight, FYI!!!!), Austin spied the Nick Cannon-hosted show's iconic prop, raised it in the air triumphantly, and had one of his buds capture the moment on Instagram. Based on the caption ("I'm the new champ! @NickCannon look out! lol."), we'd say that the "What About Love" singer's taking his new role pretty seriously!

Sure, he may have LOL'd at the end, but behind every "LOL" there lives an "IAGTBYAIMGFNCSDLO"! Oh, you're not familiar with the latest Internet slang? It stands for "I am going to beat you at improv, my good friend Nick Cannon, so do look out!" Duhhhhhh. #ImACoolMom

Photo credit: Austin Mahone's Instagram