Nelly Brings The Funk In His T.I.-Assisted 'Rick James' (NSFW)

Nelly brings the FUNK in his T.I.-assisted 'Rick James'

Nelly brings the funk in his T.I.-assisted "Rick James."

Nelly's upcoming M.O. album (out Sept. 30) is shaping up to be a sonic smorgasbord. First, we heard the grimy "Get Like Me" featuring Nicki Minaj and Pharrell, then the St. Louis rapper had his eye on the pop charts with the sparkling, Daley-assisted "Heaven." Now, Nelly's brought his Pharrell-produced, T.I.-assisted "Rick James" to the table, which, per our calculations, sounds like a lot of Pharrell, a little bit of "Blurred Lines," a dash of, well, Rick James, and a hefty serving of FUNK NASTY.

Listen to Nelly's "Rick James" featuring T.I. after the jump.

Armed with a thudding bass line and fangirl shouts ringing in the background, Nelly's confident verse fits in well with the "funk" as he spits: "I can’t wait to spend this money/ Spend it all on you/ It don’t matter what it is, what it cost, girl/ See I’m on pay per view."

Later, Nelly goes on to explain the obvious ("I'm rich, b****." Er, do we detect a Dave Chappelle reference?), followed by an homage to his favorite funk master: "Everybody get down...Like Rick James/ Fire in the hole/ Everybody on the floor."

Seriously, not sure what to expect from Nelly's Sept. 30 release other than to say that there will definitely be a banger to match each and every one of your moods! Kind of like a musical mood ring! Only one that won't leave a grimy green film around your finger.

Listen to Nelly's "Rick James" featuring T.I. (NSFW).

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