Rihanna Looks FLAWLESS Without Makeup, Which Makes One Of Us! (PHOTO)

Rihanna looks flawless without makeup. SHOCKER, WE KNOW!

Rihanna's facial perfection? #BowDown!

Hold the phone! Full stop! Third metaphor referencing an antiquated method of communication! Do you see this photo of Rihanna not wearing makeup?? FUH-LAWLESS! Lately, we've only seen the "Stay" singer promoting her MAC cosmetics line or looking haute at Fashion Week after-parties, so we kinda forgot how beautiful RiRi actually is when she's, how you say, sans accoutrement!

(For the record, we didn't actually forget how flawless the "Diamonds" Tour star is without makeup and professional styling, we just wanted to refine our French! For you see, we're trying to basically #TheSecret our way into Rihanna's realm of existence. Act fancy, be fancy! Get it? Ah, randos will be sending us veiled couture sweatbands and gold-dusted chocolate dragons in no time!)

Anyway, back to the flawlessness as hand. Referencing her own David Guetta-produced summer smash, Rihanna captioned the photo "What now?" Our two-plus paragraphs of rambling aside, what more can you really say about this image? Like, Rihanna is an immortal being molded by the gods from only the most precious of metals, so like... what now? #MICDROP

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram