Jessie J And Brandy 'Conquer The World' (And Then Some) On Their New Duet


Jessie J and Brandy team up for "Conquer The World." 

IT HAS ARRIVED!!! Jessie J and Brandy's hotly anticipated collaboration, "Conquer The World," is HERE, and frankly we think it's bomb enough to conquer the UNIVERSE!

OK, yeah, we realize that's a bad song title joke, but can you even blame us?? The girl who sang "Price Tag" and the lady who changed my high school talent show career with "Have You Ever?" have joined forces for a friend-spirational power ballad about being there for each other. Which will probably change lives/melt hearts/dominate airwaves worldwide. Watch out every other female pop star EVER.

Listen to Jessie J and Brandy's "Conquer The World" after the jump.

Slated to appear on Jessie's forthcoming Alive disc (out Sept. 23) and cowritten by Claude Kelly, "Conquer The World" features a lushly acoustic guitar melody while Jessie and Brandy trade verses about getting through tough times: "I know how it feels to cry in the middle of the night/ Nobody else by my side." But the real fun starts when the girls unite on the record's hook: "Together we can conquer the world." Carpe that effing diem, ladies!

No joke, we actually think these two totally can conquer the world. Because if Jessie's inimitable runs and Brandy's swoon-worthy Toni Braxton-caliber bass tones can't bring world peace, we're not actually sure what can.

+ Listen to Jessie J and Brandy's "Conquer The World."

Photo credit: Getty Images/Colin Gray