Azealia Banks' 'Count Contessa' Totally Counts As Your Daily 'YAAAAAASS!'

Listen to Azealia Banks' new song, "Count Contessa."

Check out Azealia Banks' just-dropped "Count Contessa."

Hey, Bitter Betties! We've got some AMAZING news for any Azealia Banks fan still pouting about her still yet-to-be-released first LP, Broke With Expensive Taste. (At least we've got an alleged track list now, c'mon!) Less than 24 hours ago, the Harlem-born vocalist dropped "Count Contessa" on her SoundCloud handle!

OK, so don't pelt me with seashells, stans, but the track is so flawless that I'm, like, willing to give Azealia another guilt-free six months to perfect her debut album in exchange. STOP PELTING ME.

Listen to Azealia Banks' "Count Contessa" after the jump.

Standing in stark contract to Azealia's recent release "ATM Jam" with Pharrell, "Count Contessa" marks a return to the far less radio-friendly, '90s dance-meets-rave sound of her 2012 mixtape, "FANTASEA." This isn't an accident; according to Banks' SoundCloud, "Count Contessa" is part of a larger "FANTASEA: The Second Wave" mixtape, which she'll release on July 11, 2014. Our inner Parker Posey in "Party Girl" is pleased.

The instrumental also has this great soothing yet frenetic quality to it, almost like something straight out of an oceanside level in some Sega Genesis-era "Sonic The Hedgehog" game. Our inner "indoor kid" is, needless to say, also pleased.

When the lyrics come in, it's clear that Azealia's pulling some kind of meta recall to her debut track. Remember the "Hey, I can be the answer" line from "212"? The "I'm two kinds of potential" opening line of "Count Contessa" is set against an eerily similar rhythm. Later, the rapper's "And they'll agree Miss Crystal Panty" lyric is SUPER reminiscent of "Fierce"'s "Bambi belle of the ball," and the following "HEY!" shouts could be straight out of "Yung Rapunxel." Obviously, our inner Azealia stan is VERY, VERY PLEASED. Brava, Miss Thing!

+ Listen to Azealia Banks' "Count Contessa."

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