Katy Perry Promises 'Levitation,' 'Magic, + 'A Perfect Storm' In Her Juicy J-Assisted 'Dark Horse'

Katy Perry will own your heart forever according to her new record, "Dark Horse"

Katy Perry definitely isn't afraid to commit on the Juicy J-assisted "Dark Horse."

When Katy Perry's KatyCats chose the Juicy J-assisted "Dark Horse" over "Walking On Air" to be the promotional single off Katy's forthcoming Prismshe confessed that they were in for something "witchy." And now we finally get to listen!

Released just today, "Dark Horse" might not be about black hats, cauldrons, and other Halloween-y things, but it IS a slice of trap-tinged pop that sounds like a clear departure from Katy's lighthearted, Jane of the Jungle-themed "Roar." It also points out that if Katy wants you, she'll take you... FOREVER. That's how powerful her love is. #Scared #NotReallyScared

Listen to Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" featuring Juicy J after the jump.

Flanked by a heavy, menacing bass line, the Max Martin-produced record features Katy daring a potential suitor to come closer and take a whiff of what Katy's got to offer (which, incidentally, probably smells like "Killer Queen"). But be warned: If Katy wants you, you'll be in her grasp as long as she damn well pleases: "So you wanna play with magic? Boy, you should know what you're falling for/ Once you're mine / There's no going back."

Later, Juicy J echoes Katy's sentiment and spits his verse as though he's experienced Katy's "Dark Horse" tendencies firsthand: "Be careful/ Try not to lead her on/ Shorty heart is on steroids/ 'Cause her love is so strong."

Fine, we get it, Katy can be a scary badass when it comes to love. Except in what world is being held prisoner by a girl who looks like THIS an actual problem? Especially if it means wearing coordinated patriotic outfits and recording mushy duets? We rest our case.

+ Listen to Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" featuring Juicy J.

Photo credit: Capitol Records