Sleigh Bells Shake It Up On 'You Don't Get Me Twice'

Listen to Sleigh Bells' "You Don't Get Me Twice."

Sleigh Bells bring the noise (and the psych-pop) on their new single.

Sleigh Bells are a band known for keeping it simple. Since melting faces with Treats, the Brooklyn duo's mostly stuck to its formula: Derek Miller's volcanic guitars and the quiet/loud vocals of singer Alexis Krauss. But "You Don't Get Me Twice," the second single from the band's upcoming Bitter Rivals, swerves after getting straight to the point. Yeah, it opens with Krauss giggling, backbeat drum hits and a chug-a-lug Miller guitar riff, but that's just the first 23 seconds. That's when the song shifts into clean, psych-pop guitar arpeggios and a sweeter Krauss melody before bringing the noise back in.

Listen to Sleigh Bells' "You Don't Get Me Twice" after the jump.

"It's a terrifying thing, the American dream," she sings, a dark thought from a band that often sounds like the hipster version of Lenny Kravitz's "American Woman" cover. Not this time: The track's musical seesaw avoids a standard verse-chorus structure to keep building layers of vocals and percussion over the two guitar sections, a method that turns the band's full-throttle style into an even wilder ride.

The song ends with solitary piano chords (!) and a ballad's promise: "Maybe if you ask me nice," Krauss croons. More songs like this one, Sleigh Bells -- pretty please?

+ Listen to Sleigh Bells' "You Don't Get Me Twice."

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