Here Are Our #Feelings About Miley Cyrus + Liam Hemsworth Calling Off Their Engagement (GIFs)


#SAD ALERT: Miley and Liam have called their engagement off. 

Break out the snuggies, Julia Roberts movies, and ice cream, because we have some bad relationship news. Our favorite Lady of the Perpetual Twerk, Miley Cyrus, and her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, have officially called off their engagement. Do you wanna bawl first, or should I? Oh, you want to ugly-cry in unison? CAN DO.

But you know what? Unlike a "Wrecking Ball," we kinda saw this whole thing coming. The VMA performer and her "Hunger Games" beau have (reportedly) been shaky for what seems like ever! Over the past year, they've been breaking up and reconciling, taking off engagement rings and putting them back on, never appearing together in public, unfollowing each other on Twitter -- oops, that last part just happened, like, today. Now, according to People magazine, their reps are confirming the split?! Which is basically the Hollywood equivalent of Miley and Liam confirming it themselves?! Well, as you could imagine, we have extremely mixed #feelings.... Which we're gonna have to outline for you now. ...In GIFs.

When we first heard the news, we were like:


...Which quickly led to:


And a little bit of:


Find out how else we reacted to Miley and Liam's split after the jump.

Then, we took a deep breath...


Aaand still felt numb inside... Breakups are the worst!


We walked around outside for a while without an umbrella (seemed kinda fitting):


Feeling like this:


But you know what? We're gonna be OK! It's ALL gonna be OK.


Heartache to heartache, we stand! Just remember...


Photo credit: Getty Images/GIFs: Tumblr