Justin Bieber Goes Swimming With His Little Brother, Jaxon, So Come + Get Your "AWWWS" (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber takes a swimming break with his little brother Jaxon!

Today in Bieber Brother Hijinx, Justin helps Jaxon get better at swimming!

As much as we love it when Justin Bieber gets #dark with his styling choices, our favorite JB accessories have got to be his two younger siblings -- especially his über-portable baby bro, Jaxon! Remember, Beliebers, a shadowy wide-brim hat or a chill-inducing gas mask may be cool in the moment, but an adorable kid brother is always on-trend.

While chilling at home on a six-week break between the North American and Asian legs of his Believe Tour, Justin has apparently been trying to squeeze in as much QT with the fam as possible. Taking to Instagram, JB posted a video of him teaching Jaxon how to swim in the family's hot tub. Cute! Oh, and did we mention that Justin's as shirtless as ever? CUTE.

Watch Justin Bieber go swimming with his little brother Jaxon after the jump.

Captioning "Me and jaxon swimming today," the clip shows the "Wait For A Minute" singer moving to one side of the Jacuzzi so that his little brother can learn to paddle a couple of feet at a time. Wow, if only we didn't already know how to swim, we'd sign up for Justin's class in a second. Swim a lap, hug the Bieb! Swim a lap, hug the Bieb! We feel like this method of encouragement would work WONDERS for us. Hmmm, perhaps that was Madison Beer's thought as well back when she signed up to be his "Melodies" protégé...

+ Watch Justin Bieber go swimming with his little brother Jaxon.

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram