Star Spotting: Rihanna Could Totally Be Pointing At Us, Right? RIGHT?! (PHOTO)

Not sure what Rihanna's pointing at, but we sure hope it's us!

What's Rihanna pointing at? Maybe US?! 

Given our tendency to daydream about abnormally attractive pop stars, you can imagine the mental FIELD DAY we had with this Rihanna photo. Sure, to the untrained eye it appears that she's simply pointing beyond the camera's lens while promoting her #RiRiHeartsMAC line of cosmetics in Hong Kong. But, any expert (i.e., us) knows that our favorite zero-eff-giver is actually giving a shout-out to her new best friend -- US!

Sidebar: It's fun to fantasize, non? Just think, what if Katy Perry and John Mayer broke up, I ran into him in a Brooklyn coffee shop, one thing led to another, and suddenly we're recording a stripped-down "Who You Love" called "Who You Love (Me! It's Jenna)"!

Anyway, according to the pic's Instagram caption, Rihanna admittedly didn't know what she was pointing at. So, yeah, there's at least some chance that the "Stay" singer was trying to signal: "You! Tall Jewish girl putzing around on Instagram over there! Come take these backstage passes to my tour, as well as this gift certificate for any items you want from my Rihanna For River Island collection!" (OMFG).

Sadly, you and I both know that Ri was wayyyyy more likely asking #security to remove some confused, overzealous stan who was giving her the creeps -- but whatever, we definitely like the "You, peasant! Be my best friend!" angle way more.

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram