The Maine Channel 'The Bling Ring' In Their 'Love & Drugs' Video

Watch The Maine's "Love & Drugs" video.

The Maine discover the dangers of breaking and entering.

It's Forever Halloween in Maine-land, and the Arizona band's "Love & Drugs" video is all about that Pumpkin Spice Latte life. "We've got champagne taste, but not enough money for the real thing," John O'Callaghan sings on the alt-rock track (feel you, dude), but "Love & Drugs" doesn't get mad -- it gets even.

The video opens with the band and some lady friends out on a friendly ride through the Hollywood Hills, before the hard-pedaling biker gang sneaks into a rich family's house, "Bling Ring" style.

Watch The Maine's "Love & Drugs" video after the jump.

The party's just starting until O'Callaghan pauses mid-hookup to notice a kid huddled in the bedroom corner. OOPS. That's when Mom and Dad get home and threaten to get all Liam Neeson on the rockers, who peace out through the back door. The music pauses for dialogue, but it's the look on O'Callaghan's face that says it all: guilt, shame, desperation. Acting! Missing from the scene: drugs, though there's some love action.

Forever Halloween, the band's fourth album, was released in June, just in case you haven't been rocking it all summer. Still plenty of time to jam it while prepping your Emma Watson costume.

+ Watch The Maine's "Love & Drugs" video.

Photo credit: Dirk Mai