Buzzworthy Obsession: Chris Batson, 'Never Coming Back' (VIDEO)


Grab some Merlot and spark up the incense! It's time to listen to Chris Batson's "Never Coming Back."

We don't usually tell people what to do (ha!), but hey, it's Friday. Which means that you should grab some Merlot, spark up that incense, dim the lights, call your boyfriend, sink into Buzz On alum Chris Batson's emotional new single "Never Coming Back," and relaaaaaax. Or cry. (You'll see why.)

We initially told you about the 21-year-old L.A.-based singer/songwriter/producer/rapper after having a musicgasm over his ethereal, Bon Iver-meets-R&B-slow-jam "Windows." Now we're feeling ALL THE #FEELINGS and more after listening to Chris' "Never Coming Back," the second offering off his EP, We Got Lost Along The Way.

Listen to Chris Batson's "Never Coming Back" after the jump.

Rooted in the same ambient-yet-lush melodic sonic space as "Windows," "Never Coming Back" takes Chris' penchant for the #SADZ even further as he croons: "Tell me why you wanna get faded?/ Tell me why your tears hit the pavement/ We can run away in a spaceship.../ Told her that you've gotta be brave when/ You think that you're not gonna make it/ Never coming back."

And speaking of #FEELINGS, Chris' "Never Coming Back" video is, how shall we say, NOT great to watch if you just did your makeup. But if you wanna see a pretty lady cry, take some pills, and hop into what is perhaps an even sadder "sad bath" than Rihanna's "Stay" video or Britney Spears' bath in "Everytime," then you should be all set. Would we be out of bounds if we suggested that this melancholy girl dump her screaming boyfriend in exchange for, say, a teddy bear like Chris?  He seems really kind. And those pipes? #FORGET #IT. + Listen to Chris Batson's "Never Coming Back," and watch the accompanying music video (NSFW). Photo credit: Christian Padron