Twin Sister Pop Duo Megan & Liz Hit The Road + Perform For Adoring Stans In Their 'Release You' Video

Megan & Liz take us behind-the-scenes in their "Release You" video.

Megan & Liz dominate at a live show int their "Release You" video.

There's nothing we love more than a tale of YouTube darlings who morph into big-time pop stars. That being said, please meet Megan & Liz: They're Michigan-based twin sisters who just so happen to share bangin' hair AND bangin' voices.

After dropping "Release You," their infectious Max Martin-produced "YOU'RE STRAIGHT DUMPED" anthem this past summer, the girls are ushering in the fall season with an accompanying video, which takes die-hard Megan & Liz Stans behind the scenes as the sister act revs up for a big concert.

Watch Megan & Liz' "Release You" video after the jump.

As opposed to the "Sex And The City"-style Carrie and Mr. Big break-up/kiss-off scene we had initially expected, Megan & Liz's "Release You" video is instead a fast-paced montage of behind-the-scenes shenanigans that's topped off with a good old-fashioned performance clip. (I mean, if we can't see the girls b**** slapping their exes as they strut off in matching Louboutins, this is definitely the next best option.)

Sing-chanting like a slightly more wholesome version of Icona Pop, Megan and Liz spend their "Release You" video primping and prepping for the big show, watching their fans go wild, and jumping in rhythm. And of course suddenly we're wondering why our parents didn't have the foresight to give birth to a musically inclined twin sister. It's like, THANKS FOR NOTHING, GUYS! (J/K, love you, mom and dad.)

Watch Megan & Liz' "Release You" video.

Photo credit: Warner Bros.