When You're Rihanna, People Give You Couture Sweatbands + Chocolate Dragons (PHOTOS)

Here are some reasons why Rihanna's life is just plain better than ours.

When we grow up, we wanna be Rihanna.

It should come as no surprise, but Rihanna's life is basically the best life of all the lives ever. Whether she's hitting up Alexander Wang's Fashion Week after-party with Nicki Minaj, rocking a Flags of the World ensemble and giving zero effs about it, or posing with One Direction's Harry Styles at the VMAs (and OMG WHAT A SURPRISE not giving any effs then either!) -- her life? WE WANT IT.

Another reason why being RiRi must rule? All the free swag! The #RihannaNavy knows that they've got a goddess on their hands, so they make sure that their offerings are acceptable for Rihanna's holy altar. According to the last 24 hours of her Instagram feed, @BadGalRiRi has received...

1.) A COUTURE VEILED SWEATBAND: Lace and leisure! The "Stay" singer captioned the photo with "#onmyPrincessDianashit." STEALING THAT!

Rihanna got a free couture sweatband just 'cause!

Check out more amazing gifts that Rihanna's received in the last 24 hours after the jump.

2.) A GOLD-DUSTED CHOCOLATE DRAGON: In Macau, Hong Kong for her "Diamonds" World Tour, ate a custom-made choco version of her Chinese horoscope powdered with gold dust!

Rihanna even gets her Chinese horoscope made into chocolate!

3.) PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP ASSISTANCE: When you're a world-famous pop star who records "monster hooks" for other big name artists and junk, you deserve nothing but the best!

Because when you're Rihanna, you get your makeup done for you.

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram

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