Cut Copy Make Their Long-Awaited Return To The Dance Floor On 'Free Your Mind'

Listen to Cut Copy's "Free Your Mind."

Cut Copy is back with a brand-new electro-dance single, "Free Your Mind."

It's been a couple years since we heard anything from Aussie electro-pop masters Cut Copy (with the exception of the band's liminal "Let Me Show You," which hit the 'net early last month). OK, to rephrase, we officially haven't heard much since our indie-dance heroes dropped what might be their most commercially successful album to date, Zonoscope, in 2011. But hey! Our patience must have paid off, because Cut Copy is back with a) news of an upcoming fifth studio album (ahhhhhhhhhhh) and b) a brand-new single called "Free Your Mind."

Listen to Cut Copy's "Free Your Mind" after the jump.

The title track off Cut Copy's upcoming disc of the same name,"Free Your Mind" clocks in at more than five minutes, but that's nothing unusual for the electro-dance kings (see: "Blink And You'll Miss The Revolution," "Take Me Over," etc).

Kicking off with a series of soulful samples à la Solange's "Losing You," the band's familiar echoing vocals chime in amid bongo drums, searing synths, and pounding piano. "You gotta reach the sky if you want your life to shine," promise Cut Copy. Well, glad you said that, Cut Copy, because if "reaching for the sky" and "wanting our lives to shine" means dancing away the summer and shimmying straight into fall with you, then COUNT US IN. (Cue: my suddenly understanding why people stay out till 4 a.m.)

Look out for Cut Copy's Free Your Mind disc when it drops on Nov. 5.

+ Listen to Cut Copy's "Free Your Mind."

Photo credit: Asger Carlsen