Hear Goldroom 'Embrace' The Groove On Their New Single

Listen to Goldroom's "Embrace."

Goldroom's been thinking 'bout you every day.

What rhymes with "hug me"? Pretty sure it's Goldroom. (We're bad at rhyming.) The dance music producer's latest single is "Embrace," a synth-heavy summer anthem that'll carry us into fall just fine.

As usual, Goldroom recruits a soulful female singer to play the song's diva, this time turning to Melbourne, Australia's Ariela Jacobs. "I've been thinking about you every day," she sings on the hook, her high-pitched vocals reaching into the clouds. And the song's mostly hook: Goldroom has mastered the art of getting his songs right to the good part.

Listen to Goldroom's "Embrace" after the jump.

Production-wise, the song's particularly focused on letting the vocals shine: Drums and pinging synths keep things rhythmic in the verses, but the chorus finds Goldroom pulling away the percussion to leave Jacobs floating over sheets of gentle chords.

"Embrace" is the title track from Goldroom's new self-released EP, which landed on Sept. 9 and features past SoundCloud hits such as the tropical-minded "Sweetness Alive" and instant classic "Fifteen" along with some newer cuts. Consider your back-to-school make-out sessions officially soundtracked.

+ Listen to Goldroom's "Embrace."

Photo credit: David Greenwald