Happy 21st Birthday, Nick Jonas! Let's Celebrate By Photoshopping Your Head On To Famous Shirtless Bodies! (PHOTOS)

Happy 21st birthday, Nick Jonas

Clearly Nick Jonas' chest and birthdays go hand-in-hand. Why? Why NOT?

Happy 21st birthday, Nick Jonas! Got anything planned? Think your JoBros Kevin and Joe will take you out for some margaritas now that you're officially of age? Or maybe your new Miss Universe 2012 girlfriend Olivia Culpo has something extra romantic slash Christmas card-y planned? Will you reenact every Vegas scene from your "First Time" video? Because you totally could! The world's your (now-legal) oyster!

Well, whatever you're doing, one thing's for sure: You are NOT hitting the gym today. I mean, we know you have a 10-pack ab situation to maintain (thank you forever, shirtless selfie), but 21st birthdays should be about eating all the junk food, all the cake, and drinking all the beverages (safely, of course). So, to help you stay in shape on this special day, we thought we'd play another little game of "Fun With Photoshop" -- i.e. pasting your head on to some ultra-famous male bodies. In the not-creepiest way possible. Because you deserve this day off! And you're worth it.

Happy 21st birthday, Nick Jonas!

Ah, the classic Ryan Gosling. YOU'RE, LIKE, PHOTOSHOPPED, OR SOMETHING.

Check out more Nick Jonas birthday shirtless photos after the jump!

Happy birthday, Nick Jonas!

What? You want us to be the Bella to your Jacob? 

Happy birthday, Nick Jonas!

GULP, I mean, hi Joe Manganiello. No, of course I'm not sweating profusely.

Happy birthday, Nick Jonas!

Nicky Nick!

Happy birthday, Nick Jonas!



Nick as Elvis Presley, aka the original shirtless stud. Just don't swivel your hips at us or we might pass out.


WELL, Nick-as-Fabio... a fireplace come hither stare will get you everywhere.


Or, if you want, we could just do some "Dirty Dancing."


Or "Bend It Like Beckham" on the soccer pitch.


Or run for governor! (In 30 years.)

Photo credit: Getty Images/HBO/Summit