Icona Pop Soundtrack A Fabulous Vogueing Competition In Their 'All Night' Video

Icona Pop judge a fierceness contest in their "All Night" video.

Icona Pop oversee a vogueing contest in their "All Night" video.

Honestly, for a while we felt a little worried that Icona Pop wouldn't be able to top their smash "I Love It" featuring Charlie XCX. But obviously we should've known better than to doubt Swedish popstresses Caroline and Aino, because, per our ears, the girls' latest offering, "All Night," is every bit as capable of slithering its way into your head and NEVER EVER LEAVING.

We're also happy to report that the girls' just-released clip for "All Night" raises the party bar higher than ever -- not only is Icona Pop guzzling crazy amounts of ABSOLUT vodka, but they're performing at an actual vogueing competition in NYC! (P.S. If you don't know what "vogueing" is, please stop reading this and watch the 1990 documentary "Paris Is Burning.")

Watch Icona Pop's "All Night" video after the jump.

A cut off the girls' debut international album, This Is... Icona Pop (out Sept. 24), "All Night" is also clearly sponsored by vodka manufacturer ABSOLUT as a promotional tool for their new product, ABSOLUT TUNE. And sure, maybe product placement is smidge controversial, but then again, what better way to soundtrack a new liquor called TUNE than by aligning with Icona Pop's all-party-all-the-time video?

In between shots of the crew drinking ABSOLUT TUNE and interview scenes with the video's very talented drag artists, we learn that Icona Pop are on hand to perform at the aforementioned vogueing contest. There are two vogueing teams: "The House Of Sparkle" and "The House Of Glitter," and the competition is mainly a measure of who best can outdance the other while strutting down a runway in various crystal-encrusted ensembles.

In all, "All Night" basically transports you to a world of on-point dance moves (including some dizzying hair-whipping from "America's Best Dance Crew" alum Leiomy Mizrahi #TeamVogueEvolution), infectious pop music, fabulous drag queens, and all-rhinestone-everything. Final thought: If WE danced in a Swarovski-encrusted unitard, would ABSOLUT TUNE supply us with a billion bottles? Shipped overnight? Express mail? Money is no object!

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