St. Lucia Creates A Synth-Pop Paradise In His Glistening New Track, 'Too Close'

St. Lucia is a synth-god in "Too Close"

St. Lucia brings the '80s back in "Too Close."

As far as we're concerned, it's an epic life mistake not to familiarize yourself with Brooklyn-based synth-pop outfit St. Lucia (aka Jean-Philip Grobler). It shouldn't take too much convincing -- just look to Grobler's shimmering "Elevate," or his latest offering, the concurrently sparking "Too Close." Also, how are you not going to listen to music from a bro with enough chutzpah to wear a floral-on-floral pocket-T? #BALLSOFSTEEL.

Listen to St. Lucia's "Too Close" after the jump.

Contrary to popular belief, St. Lucia's "Too Close" is not an '80s-tinged cover of Next's grinding-themed song of the same name. Rather, the second single from St. Lucia's forthcoming debut LP, When The Night, serves a hefty dose of '80s fierceness mixed in with some expert Top 40-brand production, which comes courtesy of the man himself.

Set amid a swirling sea of dizzying synths, mesmerizing layered vocals, and a hypnotic bass line, "Too Close" is intensely euphoric, but it's also stacked with some poignant lyrics: "I will hold you too close/ I will take you too close."

Anyway, between St. Lucia's "Elevate" and "Too Close," I think we can alllll agree that When The Night's Oct. 8 release date can't come soon enough. And hopefully by the time his record drops, it will feel like ACTUAL FALL, unlike today, which feels like ACTUAL HELL. #SeptemberWeather

+ Listen to St. Lucia's "Too Close."

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