St. Lucia Creates A Synth-Pop Paradise In His Glistening New Track, ‘Too Close’

St. Lucia brings the ’80s back in “Too Close.”

As far as we’re concerned, it’s an epic life mistake not to familiarize yourself with Brooklyn-based synth-pop outfit St. Lucia (aka Jean-Philip Grobler). It shouldn’t take too much convincing — just look to Grobler’s shimmering “Elevate,” or his latest offering, the concurrently sparking “Too Close.” Also, how are you not going to listen to music from a bro with enough chutzpah to wear a floral-on-floral pocket-T? #BALLSOFSTEEL.

Listen to St. Lucia’s “Too Close” after the jump.

Contrary to popular belief, St. Lucia’s “Too Close” is not an ’80s-tinged cover of Next’s grinding-themed song of the same name. Rather, the second single from St. Lucia’s forthcoming debut LP, When The Night, serves a hefty dose of ’80s fierceness mixed in with some expert Top 40-brand production, which comes courtesy of the man himself.

Set amid a swirling sea of dizzying synths, mesmerizing layered vocals, and a hypnotic bass line, “Too Close” is intensely euphoric, but it’s also stacked with some poignant lyrics: “I will hold you too close/ I will take you too close.”

Anyway, between St. Lucia’s “Elevate” and “Too Close,” I think we can alllll agree that When The Night’s Oct. 8 release date can’t come soon enough. And hopefully by the time his record drops, it will feel like ACTUAL FALL, unlike today, which feels like ACTUAL HELL. #SeptemberWeather

+ Listen to St. Lucia’s “Too Close.”

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