Watch 'Austin Mahone: Road To The VMAs' For Cuteness, Coughing + A Li'l Bit Of Country (VIDEO)

Watch Austin Mahone's final days before the VMAs.

"This is it. The moment I've been working so hard for -- the VMAs. Let's go."

While it's easy to think that Austin Mahone wakes up perfect every day (mostly because the evidence does indeed point to Austin waking up perfect every day), the "What About Love" singer and Lamborghini enthusiast puts a TON of hard work into everything he does. In "Austin Mahone: Road To The VMAs," you get the chance to go behind the scenes and watch Austin prep for his 2013 VMA pre-show performance, the biggest night of his career up until that point.

Careful: The following video contains scenes of Austin looking all cute in a leopard-print hoodie and other such adorable content that may not be suitable for more faint-prone audiences. You've been warned.

Watch the "Austin Mahone: Road To The VMAs" video after the jump.

Charting Austin's final 48-hour course before the Video Music Awards, the mini-documentary shows Austin and his buds leaving the New York airport while singing George Strait's "Write This Down," rehearsing in a downtown Manhattan loft space, and even Austin's dreaded pre-VMA sickness -- or, as we like to call it, the day we learned and performed about 176 shamanic healing spells we found online. #TheMoreYouKnow

As the clock counts down, catch a then not-yet-licensed-to-drive Austin style up for the red carpet and get a last-minute pep talk from mama Mahone, who tells her son that he'll always be her little baby. (What? WHO LEFT ALL THESE TEARS IN MY EYES?!)

Then, as we all know, Austin slayed the pre-show "What About Love" performance and took home his Mahomie-dedicated Artist To Watch Moonman -- but, like, we will gladly watch either of those moments until the cows come home. (FYI, we gave those cows bad directions. They're never coming home.) Enjoy!

+ Watch the "Austin Mahone: Road To The VMAs" video.

Photo credit: MTV