The Weeknd And Drake Get Broody, Have All The #Feelings In Their 'Live For' Video (NSFW)

The Weekend and Drake unite in "Live For"

Drake and The Weeknd avoid the light in their "Live For" video.

Canadians unite! Or, to narrow things down, maybe we should just say, "Drake and The Weeknd unite (again)!" Both from Toronto, Drake and Abel Tesfaye -- otherwise known as slick R&B vocalist The Weeknd -- have frequently teamed up to guest on each other's records, once on The Weeknd's "The Zone" and also on Drake's "Crew Love." Now, Drake and Abel are back together in the video for "Live For," where they look perfectly at home brooding hanging in an eerie-looking warehouse.

You know what this means, right? Yep, it might be time for Canada to give this bromantical friend pairing their very own Toronto street. Or holiday. Or hockey team.

Watch The Weeknd's "Live For" video featuring Drake after the jump.

A cut from The Weeknd's newly released Kiss Land,  "Live For" is about as eerie and moody as it gets, both sonically and visually. Planted in an abandoned warehouse (or possibly an under-construction subway track?), an all-black-everything-wearing Abel stands alone in an empty room as he sings the song's hook: "This the s*** that I live for."

Just as you catch a full glimpse of the Canadian crooner, the lights dim and flicker, and it becomes harder and harder to see him at all. TEASE! Cue Drake, who joins in to spit his verse amid the same potentially seizure-inducing strobe light (better bring your #drammamine, y'all).

"Live For" might be the very height of brooding, #emo, #feelings, or insert your preferred hashtag here, but in the end it's just The Weeknd doing what he does best. Plus, we know Drake's no stranger to having all the feelings (see: "Sooner Than Later," "Doing It Wrong"). Is it something about Canada? We hear it gets pretty cold up there...

+ Watch The Weeknd's "Live For" video featuring Drake (NSFW).

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