Star Spotting: Today In Giving Zero Effs: Rihanna Flashes Some Miley Tongue + Wears Head-To-Toe Flags (PHOTO)

Rihanna does the Miley Cyrus tongues outside her London hotel.

This Rihanna photo is TOO MUCH!

So, you know how there are photos, and then there are pho-TOS? You do? Great, because clearly the above image of Rihanna leaving her hotel in London while a.) paying homage to Miley Cyrussignature tongue, b.) wearing a head-to-toe "Flags Of The World"-themed ensemble (OMFG), c.) performing sexually explicit gestures with her sexually explicit clutch, and d.) continuing to have literally zero effs to give is just, like, TOO MUCH!! All we can say is "mazel tov!" and "Do you, babygirl."

So, let's really break down the above image, shall we? First and most obviously, Rihanna's doing a pretty killer impression of Miley Cyrus' tongue, much like Jared Leto and Justin Bieber before her. (Here are Jared's and Justin's takes, BTW.) That said, given RiRi's penchant for doing confident ish like wearing Prada boots AND ONLY PRADA BOOTS, it's kind of unfair to say that she's pulling any look but "The Rihanna" right here.

But getting back to that Epcot World Showcase realness that Ri's serving, though, we're not so sure that we wouldn't wear it ourselves. Whether on a first-class tour bus or crammed in the subway, there's nothing wrong with a spontaneous geography lesson! (#StayInSchool) Oh, and if anyone knows that dude stan-ing out in the corner, please send him our regards! Bro is clearly having the best time in his #RihannaNavy life right there, and we respect that. Again, we say "mazel tov!" and "Do you, babyboy."

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News